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Born: 2017
Sex: Wether (Neutered Male)
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf cross

Casper was adopted from a farm friend who raised Casper with his brother, Mocha, from little kids! They went everywhere with him, even walked on leashes! This made Casper very friendly and perfect for Mobile ANT. Casper loves Mobile ANT visits and will jump on a stool to peek into windows (and receive treats). He is the leader of the goats and the other two stick close to his side. He is also very playful and affectionate with his horse buddy, Sir! He loves to take long naps in the sun and cuddle up with Queenie, who is like a little sister to him.

Fun fact: Casper knows how to untie shoelaces & zip coat zippers!

Health: His brother Mocha passed away from bladder stones, so we keep him on a strict diet to hopefully prevent this from happening to him.

Born: 2019
Sex: Wether (Neutered Male)
Breed: Nubian x Alpine

Yes, we have two goats named Casper! Casper and horse Sally came together from the same farm! He loves horses since his owner raised him as a companion to Sally after her horse friend passed away. Casper can be very spirited but also has a loving, gentle side and enjoys affection. Casper is always supervised around young participants due to his large horns (when he is feeling playful or around meal time he sometimes forgets to be respectful), but he is a great Mobile ANT team member and will allow children to lead him around! You can usually find Casper in the shade underneath the goats' play structure, keeping an eye on his friends

Fun fact: Casper loves his horns scratched with a kitchen scrub brush!

Born: 2019
Sex: Doe/Female
Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Queenie came from a Nigerian Dwarf breeding farm near Portland, OR, and joined our herd in 2019. They heard Casper was lonely after the loss of Mocha and donated Queenie to us! She is very close to White Casper and he looks after her. She is such a gentle little goat and loves scratches on her shoulders and under her chin. She is always the first one to approach new visitors and will nuzzle up against your legs for a pet. Queenie is very sweet but does not like to go anywhere without White Casper. He is her emotional support goat!

Fun fact: Queenie's registered name is Killer Queen because her previous owner loved the band Queen!

Health: Queenie is a freemartin; she was exposed to twin brother’s hormones in the womb which caused her to be sterile and have Y chromosomes in her DNA.