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Born: 2008-2009 (exact age unknown)
Sex: Gelding/Male
Color: Bay
Breed: Miniature Mule (donkey sire x pony dam)

About Jackson:

Jackson came to the farm with his friend Buttercup in the spring of 2021. Their previous owner reached out to us when she found out that we were looking for miniature horses to join our herd. She was retiring and interested in travel, but wanted the pair to have lots of love and thought our farm would be a perfect fit! Jackson and Buttercup are bonded friends and have lived together for the last several years. He was rescued at a young age and spent time in a large pasture with a herd of horses, so he's very comfortable with his new herd at ANT. Although he is relatively new to therapy work, Jackson finds connections with people on and off the farm and is a beloved member of our Mobile ANT team. He has comforted school children after shooting threats and regularly visits seniors around Whatcom County. He is a very affectionate mule and LOVES to get ear scratches!

Jackson fun facts - Loudest voice on the farm! As the resident mule, Jackson proudly shares his unique voice and makes us all smile. He loves scratches on his chest and will willingly reciprocate by scratching your back with his muzzle! He boldly leads our herd on trail rides and loves to get out and explore.

Health: Jackson is an easy keeper. He gets cresty in his neck so treats are to be fed sparingly, and he needs a grazing muzzle while turned out to graze to limit his sugar intake.

Work Experience: His early history is not well known but has not done many ‘human things’ in the past several years. His previous owner did know that the person who had him before her used a heavy hand when leading him, so we are currently working on showing him to communicate and respond with soft cues from his handler. Jackson is picking up on groundwork training really well.