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Born: 2008-2009 (exact age unknown)
Color: Palomino Roan
Sex: Mare
Breed: Miniature Horse

About Buttercup:

Buttercup came to ANT with her best friend Jackson in the spring of 2021. Their previous owner reached out to us when she found out that we were looking for miniature horses to join our herd. She was retiring and interested in travel, but wanted the pair to have lots of love and thought our farm would be a perfect fit! Buttercup has actually been passed on to several families in her life, so we are very grateful that she's found her forever home here at ANT!

"Though she be little, she is fierce" - Buttercup probably has the biggest personality on the farm! She delights in being mischievous, and uses her small size and cleverness to her advantage to escape her enclosures (sneaky!). She is a favorite Mobile ANT visitor and has brought so much joy to children and seniors, though she is continually training with our staff to be aware of wheelchairs and sensitive limbs. Buttercup needs a partner who is assertive and goal-driven, who will clearly communicate their needs and tell her how they want to be supported. She is a great teacher of patience and determination!

Health: She is an easy keeper and treats should be fed in moderation. She also needs a grazing muzzle while she is turned out on grass to limit her sugar intake.

Work Experience: Little is known about her history before coming to ANT. We are working on her ground manners and training for indoor Mobile ANT visits (lots of tricky navigating).