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Born: 1993
Sex: Gelding
Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

About Sir:

ANT welcomed Sir into our herd about ten years ago when his farm went bankrupt. He came to us severely underweight, with his mane and tail matted with barbed wire after being left unattended in his field. It took the ANT team several days to untangle the mess and relieve his misery. We’ve been told that Sir was a stallion for the first seventeen years of his life (used for breeding and kept largely in isolation from other horses), and that he was nearly trampled by another horse at some time. Due to his traumatic history Sir has always been very nervous around other horses, though longtime ANT friends will remember that Sir and Patriot, a very special member of our herd, became close companions before Patriot's passing. Now, Sir prefers the company of the minis or the goats, who love to follow him around the pasture.

As a therapy horse Sir is loving and patient, often choosing to work with young boys and foster children. He offers important lessons about friendship, belonging, and trust. Sir is a great listener and enjoys helping his participants work through challenges, espeically when we do fun activities in the arena! He moves quickly, being a Tennessee Walker, but is happy to slow down if asked respectfully by his partner. You might see Sir around town visiting at local senior care facilities, as he loves to bring joy to his elder friends.

Sir Fun Facts – He loves butt scratches, and will back himself right into you in request! He is a big goofball and his hobby is making people laugh. Sir enjoys generously giving his signature kisses (slobbery & green - yum!), and he is the self-appointed "meal reminder" to keep his humans on track. He reminds us with a whinny (or two) to indicate precisely when the next mealtime is expected. He can also scratch his ears with his back feet like a dog!

Health: Having been neglected in his past, Sir has a residual fixation on food. His teeth are becoming more compromised as he ages, and he needs all treats given in small pieces and his feed soaked to make chewing easier. At 30 years old he is our most senior horse and has increased care needs.