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Born: 1997
Sex: Gelding
Color: Varnish Roan
Breed: Appaloosa

About Scotty:

Scotty has had quite an adventurous life! His first job was on a cattle farm sorting cattle, then he found his way to a youngster who showed him in 4-H. When Scotty was 16 he came to live with ANT's instructor/Program Coordinator Katie, but just a month later, Katie underwent emergency brain surgery. Scotty became instrumental in helping her recover, staying by her side through it all. Since then, they've been two peas in a pod! Together they competed in ranch sorting and moved cattle around on farms, and even teamed up to teach others how to ride. In 2019, Katie decided to bring him to ANT to see how he would like a job as a therapy horse. He absolutely excels at it and loves his newfound career!

Scotty is a confidence builder. He is extremely patient and gentle with people (young & old) who are timid. He has a special way of letting people trust him quickly with his consistent and kind behavior. He is a brilliant teacher of riding, and won’t ever go above a walk with anyone who isn’t truly ready for a trot and above. As his eyesight wanes and he’s reaching his golden years, he is teaching participants how to be consistent and communicative as he requires that with his eyesight going. He encourages people to open up to him and talk with him. Scotty makes sure to reach his step goal every day; he loves to move! On the other hand, he’s also a big advocate for frequent snooze breaks (even sometimes during his sessions in the arena!). He is a great teacher – both for humans and for other horses. Fun fact: One interesting food that Scotty likes is garlic!

Health: Scotty has congenital stationary night blindness, and his eyesight is slowly getting worse. He can have a hard time transitioning from light to shadows. Though he is happy to have a rider, as he ages his back is getting weaker and he's no longer suitable for riding bareback.