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Born: 2002
Sex: Mare/Female
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Quarter Horse x Dutch Warmblood


About Abby:

Abby came to ANT almost a decade ago, after her owners fell on financial hardships and left her behind in a field. Abby was very green (untrained and unridden) when she arrived at our farm, but she was an amazing therapy horse from the beginning. She has so much to teach our participants about personal strength & confidence, and she gives AND receives immense love.

One of her specialties is participating in teambuilding activities with groups of participants, where she helps teach patience, problem solving, and empathy. She also enjoys join-up with her human companions (a special practice of trust & connection where the horse syncs up with their partner without a lead rope). She is our herd’s gentle leader, looked up to by all horse and human staff at ANT for her wisdom and willingness to do this work. Abby enjoys deep connection time and gives her grounded support to those who need it (a particular favorite of our veterans). In her "off" time, she can often be found napping next to Scotty, and she loves exploring the trails around Bellingham, especially Stuart Mountain and the view of the bay from the Interurban trail.

Abby is good with leading, although she's a large horse and can crowd sometimes, so needs a strong leader who will set boundaries and be assertive. She is comfortable with multiple people grooming her, and was started under saddle in 2018. She requires emotional honesty and grounding from anyone who is going to ride her. Her training under saddle is frequently reassessed and managed.

Health: Past problems with her feet as they were not given proper care before she came to us. She's had issues with her pelvis and ilio-sacral joint, which sometimes becomes out of alignment, and needs regular body work. She is developing arthritis as she ages.